WATCH AGAIN: Cleveland mayoral candidates square off in ‘Voters First’ debate

8-10-21 |

Tuesday’s debate covered racial equity, public safety, housing, transparency in government, and health equity.

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Zack Reed Set To Release Safety Plan for Cleveland


Cleveland mayoral candidate Zack Reed will unveil his safety plan on Wednesday, July 14 on the steps of City Hall.

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Zack Reed Unveils Plan to Keep Burke Lakefront Airport, Construct Mixed Use Development on Site

6-30-21 | SCENE

Cleveland mayoral candidate Zack Reed unveiled his plans for a reimagined Burke Lakefront Airport Wednesday. Contrary to popular sentiment, Reed proposed keeping Burke, not closing it, but also dramatically altering the existing land usage to make way for multiple mixed-use developments.

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Zack Reed Set To Announce Bold Proposal To Improve City Services


(Cleveland, Ohio) – Cleveland mayoral candidate Zack Reed announced Tuesday that he sides with Cleveland City Councilmembers Brian Kazy and Charles Slife in their opposition to a plan that would expand the city’s Office of Special Events.

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Newly renovated Save A Lot grocery store part of plan to eliminate Cleveland ‘food deserts’

5-28-21 |

Zack Reed leads the ribbon-cutting ceremony was held Friday to reveal the remodeled store on Kinsman Road.

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Former Councilman Zack Reed will leave state job, likely to launch another bid for Cleveland mayor

3-12-21 |

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Former City Councilman Zack Reed is leaving his job with Secretary of State Frank LaRose, likely with an eye on running for Cleveland mayor again.

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Zack Reed at City Club: “We’re Not Defunding the Damn Police”

9-6-20 | SCENE

Former Cleveland City Councilman and presumed 2021 mayoral candidate Zack Reed rejected the notion of defunding the police in a virtual forum with the City Club of Cleveland’s Dan Moulthrop Wednesday. Reed was the latest in a series of City Club guests whose mayoral aspirations are something of an open secret.

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24th annual Friends of Zack Reed 2019 Toys for Tots party set

12-12-19 |

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Friends of Zack Reed 2019 Toys for Tots Holiday Party and Celebrity Fashion Show is Saturday, Dec. 14. The party maintains its lofty goal: To collect 1,000 toys for needy children in Northeast Ohio.

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Cleveland teens tell Zack Reed they’re wary of officers, but say more police needed

10-19-19 |

CLEVELAND, Ohio – How would you stop violence in Cleveland if you were in power? Former Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed is putting that question to focus groups of youth and young adults in Cleveland and in several inner-ring suburbs.

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Cleveland councilman asks Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to take over Tamir Rice shooting investigation

1-12-19 |

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed has asked Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine to assume control of the probe into the fatal police shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice and to override Mayor Frank Jackson’s decision to give the investigation to the Cuyahoga County Sheriff’s Department.

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Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed says Chief Wahoo is the ‘red Sambo,’ calls for city to ban logo from public spaces (VIDEO)

1-12-19 |

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed is calling for the city to ban the display of the Cleveland Indians’ mascot Chief Wahoo on public property, arguing that the grinning, Native American mascot is the red equivalent of the racist, turn-of-the century “Sambo” caricature.

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Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed pitches program to rehab houses, train ex-offenders for jobs

1-11-19 |

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Councilman Zack Reed unveiled a program Thursday that aims to rehab empty houses while providing job skills to participants.

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Councilman holds news conference after 2 women were attacked in Cleveland

1-18-17 |

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed held a news conference at 4 p.m. on Wednesday after two women were attacked on Monday on Dove Avenue near East 120th Street. Reed said he wants to bring more attention to the crime.

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Cleveland Councilman Wants a Big Boost in the Police Force to Slow Violence

11-29-16 |

Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed says city leaders need to be more assertive in addressing the city’s murder rate and other crime issues. With this year’s murder rate of more than 120 already past last year’s total, Reed is again calling for a major increase in crime fighting resources.

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Councilman Reed hosts annual Family Unity in the Park

7-27-16 |

Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed will host his annual Family Unity in the Park event at Luke Easter Park this weekend. To kick off the event, Reed and the Cleveland Police Department will layout a detailed safety plan to ensure a safe family friendly event Wednesday afternoon.

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Pothole ‘Epidemic’: Zack Reed Calls for Quicker Fix

4-21-14 |

CLEVELAND– Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed said the pothole problem in Cleveland is an epidemic. “You’re playing dodgeball right here,” Reed told FOX 8, while watching cars swerve to avoid potholes on Lenacrave Avenue Monday afternoon.

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