Zack Reed’s Safety Plan

For the City of Cleveland

Dear neighbor,

We MUST improve the safety conditions of this city for future generations who are counting on us.

I met Nevaeh while on the campaign trail and asked her what she wanted me to do once I become mayor. She replied, “Make it so I’m not scared to go play at the park with my friends.

My Safer Cleveland Plan will do just that, because no child should fear for their life growing up in their own neighborhood. I’m running for Mayor to make Cleveland a safer place for Nevaeh to live, grow, and prosper.

Zack Reed Safety Plan for the City of Cleveland
Zack Reed Safety Plan for the City of Cleveland

Zack Reed’s Safety Plan for the City of Cleveland:

1. Ensure that all shifts are fully staffed with ample officers to cover high crime areas.

2. Emphasis on REAL community policing.

3. Community Service Units to patrol parks, schools, and recreation centers.

4. Proactive crime prevention, utilizing the Cure Violence model, which helps to reduce violence using public health and behavioral modification methods.

5. Focus on Precision Policing, deploying officers to crime hotspots around the city, as opposed to a broad, sweeping approach to neighborhood violence and crime.


6. Increase the use of technology to help quickly apprehend offenders.

7. Increase the number of homicide detectives.

8. Bolster and refine use of the “Focused Deterrence Model” of policing, which offers programming in lieu of jail time to reform the most persistent community offenders.

9. Increased gang suppression and illegal gun suppression measures.

10. Increased Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) to help officers address mental health disturbances and emergencies utilizing de-escalation tactics.


What’s Next

An amazing, safer future is within reach for the City of Cleveland.

Early voting starts August 17    Primary election September 14

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